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-------Do I need a chimney liner ?? Is a very common question asked. To answer that we will briefly go over what a chimney liner is and why it is beneficial. Chimneys by definition are required to withstand very high temperatures being produced by an appliance in your home or business which burns flammable and or explosive heating fuel sources, such as heating oil, gas, propane, or wood logs. Throughout the years these high temperatures test the integrity of your chimney flue ( the conduit in which the smoke or exhaust goes up and out ) . Every time your burner cycles in and out during very cold weather in the winter months, all components expand to their limits from the heat, then drastically cool down while not running. These broad temperature variations cause the materials involved to crack and weaken. Chimney Lining Systems are then installed which are designed to expand and retract, thus provided a safe and sterile conduit for the exhausting gases, while also protecting your appliances such as boilers, burners, water heaters from harmful crumbling particles that have built up in your system throughout the years.
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