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Professional Chimney Crown Replacements

——– Chimney Crown is the name given to the top of any masonry style chimney constructed using either bricks, cement blocks or stucco finished veneer. The crown of a chimney is your first line of defense from the elements of nature such as wind, snow, rain and ice. The fact that its most likely the only horizontal surface on a chimney, makes it the area that experiences the harshest degree of wear and tear. Hot fumes and exhaust gases released from the top of the chimney flue expand the flue pipe itself and the crown. Throughout the years these high temperatures test the integrity of your chimney flue ( the conduit in which the smoke or exhaust goes up and out ) . Every time your burner cycles in and out during very cold weather in the winter months, all components expand to their limits from the heat, then drastically cool down while not running. These broad temperature variations cause the materials involved to crack and weaken. The Coating of the Chimney Crown or complete replacement is generally required, oftentimes installed using synthetic masonry cement and a membrane reinforcement creating a more durable chimney crown in defense of harsh weather.

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